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ONLINE course Grillz and Teeth Jewellery Crafting

ONLINE course Grillz and Teeth Jewellery Crafting

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Course Introduction

• About the Instructor:

My name is Elle, and I'm known for my tooth gem designs. I've always had a passion for jewellery making, and this guide reflects my journey in creating tooth gems and Grillz. I want to clarify that I don't see myself as an expert in this field; indeed, there are many out there with far greater skills. However, I hope to offer a starting point for those new to this craft, aiming to spare you the costly trial and error I went through. Honesty and transparency are very important to me.

This course dives into the details of Grillz creation, including wax techniques, incorporating 3D designs into your Grillz, simple single stone setting, and explaining the casting process, including how I get my jewellery casted. My commitment to transparency means this is not a "mastery course." Instead, you'll learn what I've learned, in a straightforward manner.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Dental Jewelry
• History of Grillz, A brief history to provide context and appreciation for the craft. 
• Understanding Dental Anatomy
• Materials and Tools Overview, each chapter will have a dedicated materials list

Module 2: Design Principles and Safety (Dental)
• Designing Dental Jewellery: Basic principles of design, focusing on aesthetics, customisation, and wearer comfort.
• Taking Impression and Pouring Dental Stone/Ensuring grillz and tooth gems fit perfectly without damaging the teeth.
• Dealing with Common Fitting Issues: Tips for troubleshooting fit issues.

Module 3: Introduction to Wax Carving (Jewellery Hands On)
• Basics of Wax Carving: Tools and techniques for beginners, understanding wax types, and their properties.
• Simple Projects: Hands-on projects to practice basic carving techniques, such as simple tooth gem shapes.

Module 4: Advanced Wax Carving Techniques (Jewellery Hands On)
• Complex Designs: Moving to more complex and detailed wax carving projects, including intricate grillz designs and setting cast-able stones in wax (cast not set method)
• Troubleshooting Common Issues: Tips and tricks to overcome common wax carving challenges.

Module 5: Introduction to 3D Printing in Dental Jewellery Making (Jewellery Digital)
• Basics of 3D Printing: Overview of 3D printing technology, materials II used, and its application in making dental jewellery.
•Slicing for 3D Printing: How to create and prepare 3D files for  successful printing  

Module 6: The Process of Casting Explained 

 Dissect the process of lost wax casting technique, and disclose how I have my jewellery casted.

Module 7: Finishing Techniques (Jewellery Basic Metal Finnishing)
• Polishing and Finishing: Techniques for polishing and finishing your casted metal pieces. 

Module 8: Business and Marketing
• Basics of setting up a business
• Strategies for marketing and product pricing. 

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