Permanent Jewellery Australia

Discover the enchantment of receiving a timeless bracelet, especially when it symbolizes the bond with your loved ones. At Noir Jewellery, our mission is to transform that magic into reality. We are thrilled to unveil our exquisite collection featuring opulent options such as sterling silver and 14k gold-filled chains. Adorned with captivating diamonds, opals, precious gemstones, and zirconia charms, our offerings exude luxury and elegance.

At Noir, our journey into the realm of permanent jewellery began with our remarkable impact in the tooth gem and charm industry under the name @noir_toothgems.

During her involvement with tooth gems, Elle observed the sheer delight of each and every client who adorned their smiles with glamorous semi-permanent tooth bling. This experience not only deepened Elle's expertise in working with gold and other exquisite metals, but also ignited her artistic passion.

Driven by her artistic flair and the resounding success of tooth gems and charms, Elle embarked on a new venture. Over the past year, she dedicated herself to honing her skills and knowledge in the creation of permanent jewellery.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous standards for sourcing and utilizing materials. We hold ourselves to the highest expectations, consistently striving to deliver nothing less than the finest quality, ethically sourced materials.

Every individual piece at Noir is intentionally welded together with meticulous care. Similar to a wedding ring, there are no breaks in the continuous flow of the metal. This design ensures that once our jewelry is worn, it cannot be easily taken off, symbolizing permanence and creating an unmatched statement.