Are Tooth Gems Safe?

Tooth gems won't give your pearly whites a hard time if you play by the rules! Here's why these sparkly accessories are usually tooth-friendly:
1. Easy Does It: When it comes to applying tooth gems, there's no need for drills or extreme makeovers. Dental professionals and tooth gem technicians use a special adhesive to attach the gems to your enamel without causing any harm.
2. Temporary Bling: Tooth gems are like fashionable flings—they're not meant to last forever! If you ever want to part ways with your gem, a dental pro can easily remove it, no drama involved.
3. Smile and Shine: Taking care of your o ral hygiene doesn't have to be a hassle. You can keep brushing and flossing as usual, giving your gems the green light to sparkle alongside your pearly whites.
4. Enamel's Guardian: Tooth gems are all about surface-level fun. They stick to the enamel, which is like a superhero shield protecting your precious teeth. Gems won't mess with this strong layer!
5. Pro to the Rescue: Leave the tooth gem magic to the professionals! With their expertise, they'll apply your gem with precision, minimizing any chance of tooth troubles and ensuring a dazzling result.
Remember, while tooth gems are generally safe, it's important to follow your dental professional or technicians advice and instructions to keep your smile shining bright without any gem-related hiccups!