Noir Toothgems

Our founder, Elle, has successfully completed various nationally accredited programs, including Infection Control Training (SHBBINF001), Infection control orientation - direct patient contact (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare), and COVID-19 Infection Control Training (Australian Government Department of Health). With extensive experience and knowledge in her craft, Elle is renowned for her creative work. Her expertise has been recognized and featured in prestigious publications such as Elle magazine, Refinery29, and Russh Magazine. She continually strives for excellence and has even pursued additional education in dental medicine through a short course at the accredited University of Pennsylvania.

At NOIR, we take pride in using only top-quality products and enamel-safe bonding techniques for our tooth gems. We prioritize the safety, longevity, and aesthetics of our tooth gems during the application process. Rest assured, our service not only offers exceptional results but also maintains a strong focus on oral health, ensuring the best of both worlds for our valued clients.

For those after teeth whitening, Experience the remarkable teeth whitening service at NOIR. Our advanced ultrasonic teeth whitening utilizes the highest grade 6% gel available for salon/clinical use in Australia, even for non-dental practitioners. Our state-of-the-art machine combines a high-intensity LED radiant output with ultrasonic whitening technology, resulting in superior whitening results achieved in a shorter treatment time.

To ensure a cleaner and healthier clinic environment, our machine features a built-in IONISER air filtration system. This system produces negative ions that aid in the oxidization process, thereby enhancing the whitening gel's redox efficacy*. (*Redox efficacy refers to its capacity to produce an effect).

With NOIR's teeth whitening service, you can expect exceptional results and a more efficient treatment, all while enjoying a comfortable and safe environment.